Listen to the ultra-rare 1994 Alien Encounter soft-opening version

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10 Responses

  1. C33 says:

    Just downloaded this, sounds great! However, the final file, rather than being an induction of the isolated binaural audio from the attraction, is just a clip of the beginning of the Phil Harman pre-show.

  2. Khalib says:

    Is there more audio of the main show? Like completely binural?

    • How Bowers says:

      This is all I was able to get at the time. I tried to do a full recording once and was stopped by a cast member. They used to love to get into arguments with me because I’m sure I looked like a total freak walking around with a Styrofoam head with wires coming out of it.

  3. Holly says:

    I rode this soft opening during a trip in December in 94! I was 8 years old and begged my parents to let me go on it with them. It was extremely scary and every version since got tamer & tamer. However, that first experience is stuck in my brain forever. Thanks for the audio!

  4. khalib says:

    hey did you ever record the final version of alien encounter back in 1995? if you have do you have it in your pc?

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