Listen to all 3 hours of the Blizzard Beach area loop from 1995

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5 Responses

  1. TheTrout says:

    You, sir, are doing the internet a public service. Thank you!

  2. KA says:

    Thanks for the uploads, whish there were more people like you!

    These look like they are mislabeled, and the third BB track doesn’t want to download.

  3. Horizons says:

    When I made an induction recording in 2008, the loop was about six hours in length. When you attempted your recording, I assume when loop C was finished it reverted back to loop A, confirming that, in fact, the loop was changed between your recording and mine?

    • How Bowers says:

      That is correct — at the conclusion of C, A started over. If you got there fairly early in the day and stayed awhile, you’d hear all if the loops several times. I can see the value in going to six hours to cut down on the repetition.

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