Listen to The American Adventure full show recording from 1995

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The American Adventure has to be the most ambitious show ever conceived by WED. Imagineer Randy Bright (who wrote quite possibly the best book on Imagineering, “Disneyland: The Inside Story”) crafted an expansive overview of American history. It’s multiple location changes and many characters are magnificently brought to life via a combination of sets, audioanimatronic characters and a giant rear projection screen. By 1982 standards it was a technical triumph, with then innovations like the ersatz “walking” Frankin figure and Mark Twain & Ben exchanging a handshake (their hands are actually several feet apart, but it looks perfect at the audience’s viewing angle).

Captured here is a recording of the show as it was presented in 1995. Note that there is a digital glitch that occurs about minute into the “Golden Dreams” section. Something happened to the recorder; when the show was over and I pressed the stop button, the unit was stuck writing the table of contents for over a half hour. I noticed that the bottom was hot and placed it on top of a metal garbage can to try to cool it down. This would have been the second or third recording lost to a malfunctioning MiniDisc recorder, so it was after this that I decided to make the change to DAT.

Sony MZ-1 MiniDisc recorder
2 Radio Shack 33-1089 omni mics, spread about 12 feet apart on the rail at the foot of the stage


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