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The layout of EPCOT Center’s lost Israel pavilion

For years there has been much speculation about the design of the proposed Israel pavilion, which was featured prominently along with Spain and Equatorial Africa for EPCOT Center’s phase 2. A little artwork has trickled out, mostly Herb Ryman renderings. I am unsure if this art had been previously published, but I discovered this layout drawing for what appears to be a complete plan for the Israel pavilion. Would this have been the final design? It’s impossible to know. But the  ...

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Relive EPCOT Center’s World of Motion in 3D sound

Test Track may be thrilling, but the attraction which preceded it, World of Motion, was the unadulterated spirit of Disney through and through. Although solely attributed to Ward Kimball, the attraction contains many humorous scenes designed by Marc Davis using his trademark style of show scenes punctuated by audioanimatronic figures making subtle movements. It’s the robotic equivalent of today’s Cinemagraph photography.

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Ward Kimball and the mystery of Mickey’s Studio Tour

Rumors are staring to spread about the replacement of The Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with something named, “The Great Mickey Ride,” purportedly a trackless ride through Mickey Mouse’s film career. This rumor reminded me of an item that went up for auction last year on eBay, a set of drawings purchased from famed animator Ward Kimball’s estate of sketches for a never-realized attraction for the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland that gives a  ...

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