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WDIdolatry: A Carousel of Progress 4th Act set in the 1980s

This is the first of what will be an ongoing series posts of random things that I did back in the early 1990s (I was barely in my 20s) when I wanted to pursue a career at Walt Disney Imagineering. Some of it is OK(?), some of it is terrible. My hope is that others who want to go into the themed entertainment industry can learn from my mistakes. Even through I didn’t ultimately get a job at WDI, I have a very fulfilling career and use many of the skills that I developed during these  ...

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Ward Kimball and the mystery of Mickey’s Studio Tour

Rumors are staring to spread about the replacement of The Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with something named, “The Great Mickey Ride,” purportedly a trackless ride through Mickey Mouse’s film career. This rumor reminded me of an item that went up for auction last year on eBay, a set of drawings purchased from famed animator Ward Kimball’s estate of sketches for a never-realized attraction for the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland that gives a  ...

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