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Read Haunted Mansion “A Little Tech Stuff” postings from WDW maintenance man

Back in the early 00s, one of Walt Disney World’s long-time maintenance men joined the discussion boards under the name wdwcaretaker and started relaying details of the inner workings of The Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion under the heading, “A Little Tech Stuff”. After a short time the system started auto-deleting his message threads so I saved as many as possible. Each was fascinating and detail-rich.

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Listen to Columbia Harbour House background music from 1994

The Columbia Harbour House is one of the Magic Kingdom’s hidden gems. The location, tucked in the corner at the transition between Liberty Square and Fantasyland (making it the only restaurant or attraction to span two lands), is often overlooked and often makes for a fine place for the weary Magic Kingdom guest to escape the insanity for a few minutes. Especially nice is the 2nd floor room which sits atop the breezeway separating the lands — the intimate window seats provide a  ...

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