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Music from the Village, a fan-created Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort area loop

When the Polynesian Village opened at Walt Disney World in 1971, it had no piped-in music to help set the mood. According to Disney historian FoxxFur of the website Passport to Dreams Old and New, speakers were first installed on the grounds in the bottom of newly-cast reproductions of Rolly Crump’s tikis from Disneyland’s Enchanted Tiki Room pre-show two or three years later. Since then, speakers have been placed thought the resort (both inside and out) and an ever-changing soundtrack has  ...

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Top 10 reasons the Polynesian lobby waterfall is being removed

This started as a quickly-thought out series of jokes on Twitter but many of them struck a chord with fans of the Polynesian Resort’s lobby waterfall, which is being removed with no official explanation from Disney, other than the desire on the part of the company that guests have an unrestricted view of the back of the lobby from the front of it. #10: not ADA compliant. Top 10 reasons the Polynesian lobby waterfall is getting removed— How Bowers (@LiquidLuau) May 4, 2014

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