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The layout of EPCOT Center’s lost Israel pavilion

For years there has been much speculation about the design of the proposed Israel pavilion, which was featured prominently along with Spain and Equatorial Africa for EPCOT Center’s phase 2. A little artwork has trickled out, mostly Herb Ryman renderings. I am unsure if this art had been previously published, but I discovered this layout drawing for what appears to be a complete plan for the Israel pavilion. Would this have been the final design? It’s impossible to know. But the  ...

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Listen to The American Adventure full show recording from 1995

The American Adventure has to be the most ambitious show ever conceived by WED. Imagineer Randy Bright (who wrote quite possibly the best book on Imagineering, “Disneyland: The Inside Story”) crafted an expansive overview of American history. It’s multiple location changes and many characters are magnificently brought to life via a combination of sets, audioanimatronic characters and a giant rear projection screen. By 1982 standards it was a technical triumph, with then  ...

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